As much as these mantras and slogans inspired me to get through many important stages of life, I wasn’t moved to create my own until about 10 years ago when I started in business.

At that time, I was at a low point in life where I was transitioning from a full-time working girl to a stay at home mom and I wasn’t feeling particularly happy or fulfilled.  I needed to make a change and I decided I would reinvent myself as an entrepreneur.  Not only would that fill my need to work, but it would also provide the flexibility to continue working with my kids and my Air Force pilot husband’s fast burning career.

It was then that I truly found myself and realized my place to help kick off a movement for military entrepreneurs.  And hence, all the mantras through my life came together to create my own personal mantra; LIVE.GIVE.SERVE.GROW.

Now after being in business for the last decade, I am positive that a mantra can help keep you on track to achieve your goals.  In essence, it is a set of words that manifest your deepest motivations in life.  Author Simon Sinek (one of my favorite authors) calls this your WHY.  The mantra can also serve as a filter to help you make more focused decisions about what you will or won’t do in business.



Live every day to the fullest.  No day is promised, so make the most of every moment and never look back with regret!


We make a life by what we give.  True contentment happens when I am paying it forward and giving back to my community.


I want to always serve something bigger than myself.  When my focus is on serving others, a whole new world of opportunity and fulfillment opens up!


Never stop learning, growing and stretching.  I am my best self when I am pushing the envelope to become my best self and encouraging others to do the same! 

With this to guide me, I can tackle even the busiest days.  And, with this in mind, I can decide what’s important, what’s not, and where I choose to spend my time.  If something doesn’t fall into these 4 categories I really need to think twice about agreeing to do it because it may not serve my purpose and my WHY in life.

I hope you will be inspired to list your own words to live by and in the meantime, get out there and live, give, serve and grow.


Give it a try!  Leave me a note and share the words you live by!