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You Deserve a Website That’s Affordable and Easy

Three gorgeous designs with the flexibility to match any style.

SIMPLE Template

Inspired by our very own website, Simple is as beautiful as it is fun.

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SUGAR Template

Pretty and pink, Sugar combines soft with power.

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SPLASH Template

Clean and organized, Splash is our most popular design! 

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Gorgeous Designs that Adapt to Your Style

BossLady websites are designed to grow with you as your business grows and are simple and affordable.

When business owners come to us, they realize they’ve been missing out on sales and opportunities by not having a great website . . . and they’re also overwhelmed by the literally thousands of website options out there.

We get it. And we want to help.

At this point, it probably doesn’t make financial sense to spend thousands of dollars on a custom website, but you do need a beautiful website and support to get it up and running, right?

This is exactly why we launched our BossLady websites.

Just 3 Easy Steps to Your Beautiful New Website!


Once you purchase a website and complete your intake form, we’ll set up your new site on a development platform so you can start testing out your designs and writing your copy.

(Want help with branding and color palettes? Check out our Branding Kits if you’d like professional branding assistance from our graphic designer.)


Add your colors, graphics, and copy, organize your sections just the way you want them.

Each site comes with a Fillable Content Guide and is also delivered with editable text that will guide you with what you might want to say in each section and page of your website. 


With our Premium Setup and Design Installation, we’ll setup and launch your website with you step-by-step. 

(At any time, you can review our support documentation and videos for helpful tutorials on how to customize your new site or you can upgrade to our Premium Setup and Design Installation.)

Jam-Packed with the Features You Need

Love the layout of one template but the images and colors on another template? The colors and images can be completely customized for any template you choose! And if you’re not 100% sure which template is right for you, we’d love to help you determine the design that fits your style. 

Your BossLady Website is Completely Customizable

With three templates to choose from, your website will be a WordPress site with multiple pages.

Get your brand out there fast by choosing one of three templates set up to tell your story through a beautiful Branding Homepage. Each template can easily be customized so you can add your logo, change the colors, and replace the images (or use the ones we have provided in addition to the 10 copyright-free images we’ve included to fit the template style) and get launched quickly.

There are 2 parts to your BossLady website purchase. Start with your setup and choice of customization package. These will be reflected as a “signup fee” upon checkout. Additionally, there is a monthly hosting fee (for launching, hosting, protecting and updating your website). Select how much assistance you’d like with your installation and website customization.

Are you more a DIYer and are ready to go-it-alone? We offer our tech savvy BossLadies a discount to do the design installation on their own. CLICK HERE for more information.

You’re so close to having a beautiful new website!

Each template can easily be customized so you can add your logo, change the colors, and replace the images or use the ones we have provided in addition to the 10 copyright-free images we’ve included to fit the template style. 

Check out SUGAR in action!

Easy to customize, beautiful to look at, our BossLady websites have exactly what it takes to get your brand noticed!

Need Help Deciding Which Template, Layout or Service is Right for You?

We know the biggest hurdle between getting your website complete is just a little help and guidance. Let's link up for 15 minutes to help you pick which strategy is right for you!
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Hi, I’m Jen Griswold

I’m a veteran and author, mother and wife, entrepreneur and founder of Mission Entrepreneur…I’m also the visionary behind this dream to help women succeed with their own businesses.

I still remember the long nights staring at the computer screen when I first started my first business 10 years ago. There was so much to learn. So much to do. And I had to figure it all out on my own. I spent hundreds of hours learning everything from scratch, searching terms and how-to tutorials for SEO, backend coding, web hosting, servers . . . and so many other things that I had to figure out all by myself. If you’re anything like I was, you may be wishing for a smart and helpful business friend to walk you through it all.

Multiple successful businesses later, my team and I have created exactly what I needed back then–smart, user-friendly, and beautiful websites so you can get into business as fast and as easily as possible. Because you have more important things to accomplish, like serving your customers, having a blast, and making a great living while doing it!

How Can We Serve You?

We want your experience with us to feel like a set of trusted friends are walking you through all the scary parts of designing the look of your brand, putting your shingle out for business on your website, and marketing your services.

We never want you to feel like you’re left alone or overwhelmed.

If you’re not feeling up to setting up your branding or don’t know the right words for your website, our custom design and copy services might be right for you.

“Technology can be scary, so starting my website was a nerve-wracking process.  There were so many sites that said they were low cost, but upon looking closer there were tons of hidden nickel & dime charges.  That’s why I loved it when I found BLW. They understand what women need and they made the process so simple, easy and affordable!”


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